Photographer. Videographer.
Sci-fi nerd.

Born and raised in northern Indiana, Corban Young knew from a young age that he wanted to create visual media. Since he was young, Corban has had a passion for all things visual. Before he had even graduated high school, Corban was cultivating his abilities in storytelling and camera work at the NBC Television affiliate in Northern Indiana. His passion, along with curiosity and high ambition, led Corban to attend Full Sail University, where he graduated valedictorian with top honors.

Since then, he has contributed to national commercial spots for Universal Studios and Disney, and his photography has been published in Recoil and Tactical Weapons. Corban gained leadership experience as the Supervisor of Visual Media at Knights Armament and has worked with a wide variety of environments and clients. Corban also worked as a video equipment engineer at a national rental house, where he was a member of the quality control team.

Wedding filmmaking has been a recent focus of Corban's, as he loves the frenetic, genuine energy that adds to his creativity.

In his spare time Corban likes to experiment with all forms of photography and watch sci-fi television with his wife.  He has a penchant for frozen burritos and does a mediocre Sean Connery accent.