Every Project is Unique

Just like you are. Wether it's a headshot session in the studio, a commercial shoot on location for several days, or a multi-month documentary project, no two requirements will ever be the same. As such, it is nearly impossible to give generalizations about costs. Below you will find some starting points; if these fall within your resources and the value you place on your content, fill out this form and let us cater to your needs!

Studio Headshots: $50 for the first one $10/each for additional image, basic retouch

Small Product photography, no model: $250 per final image, no usage limits, minimum 4 images, discounts for larger orders

Music videos: Start at $3000 for a basic 3 camera performance piece, up to 3min edit.

Corporate interview, with B-roll: Start at $1000 for one person, two camera angles, 4 hour shoot, 2min finished video

Event report video: Around $2000 for 8 hours on location and a basic 2-3 minute finished video